Kiwi Katy wins Simon Triger Handicap

new member Katy was a clear winner and Gregor fastest runner, setting a new course record. There was a great turnout on a gorgeous night for running. Thanks everyone for turning up, running and helping, all in memory of our great friend & Westie Simon.

Katy Rademaker 58.40
Tom Elliote 60.37
Kevin Baird 62.02
Gordon Bulloch 64.00
Peter MacNab 50.05
Gregor Stewart 38.15
Chris Furse 52.43
James Callender 43.23
Andrew Fullwood 63.08
Chris Butler 51.23
Simon Mackay 68.42
Scott Henderson 51.34
Steffen Gorgas 60.05
Owen O’Neill 51.50
Ian Thurlbeck 54.43
David Dickson 57.15
Jamie Provan 81.45

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