A huge gaggle of westies turned up in Stirling Uni for the 2nd Bog and Burn of 2012, 22 by my count. Weather was a welcome break from the normal Scottish spring of rain/sleet/hail and wind with some people even reportedly spotting a brief glimpse of the sun. The good conditions led to two records being broken, Murray Strain ran a new course record and it was the largest ever field for this race. Results

This is now my 2nd time doing this race… so I knew about the tight corner and gap through the wall just after the start. Despite this I was looking the wrong direction when the hooter went and had to really fight for position up the road to make it through the wall before a queue developed. Down the nice little path and then into the forest of hell I just held my position. I managed to run the entire section through the trees but my legs were in agony. When we left the forest I got a glimpse of what was going on with the leaders. Murray already had about 200m on second (or about 50s). Everybody else was racing for 2nd even though we were only ~2km into an 8km race. Along the rough path I was trying to run hard off the top of each small climb (Nigel you would have been proud) which meant I was catching a few places and reached the top in 10th. Coming down I got caught by a big group of 8 or 9 but managed to hang onto their coat tails and didn’t lose much time. Thanks to the 21 other westies for giving me shouts of encouragement as I came down and pointing me in the direction of the best lines. Through the forest I was working very hard but knew I had a little left to give for the last short climb. Up that climb I passed 2 and was right behind another 3… Onto the road and I was working at 100% passed one, passed another… and then caught another just as we reached the finish chute. Sprinted for the line beating my time from last year by 30s. Just after I stopped running the cramps started… I guess I paced it well so. Really happy with my result though.

Chris also had a good run getting in ahead of Alan (who managed to out descend him last year), he also showed his supreme consistency in running exactly the same time as last year.

I can’t wait to hear about Brain Brennan and John Quinn’s battle… Finishing on exactly the same time.

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