27th May 2010

Only 2 Westies in evidence at tonight’s race; I remember seeing quite a few more when I last ran it in 2007, just before joining Westerlands….at any rate, the Polaroid Series is still hugely popular and this is one of the faster courses, taking in a stretch of the canal bank.

Chris started fast, as usual, whereas I eased myself back into the swing of things with a gentle first km. Only saw Chris in the distance from about 7km, swapping places with Leanne Hamilton. I never made up the gap, with Chris clocking around 38 mins and me coming home in 38:21, pleased to have made progress all the way and clocked a negative split.

Happy with my run, and hoping to go faster at Dumbarton next week!

Full results are on the Winning Time website.

1. Tsegezab Tewelde, Shettleston/Eritrea 29:44
64. Chris Upson, Westerlands CCC, 37:59
70. Johnston Orr, Westerlands CCC, 38:21

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