27th October 2012

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Plenty of Westies out for the annual torture-fest at The ‘Nauld, with 2 full women’s teams this year and male attendance matching 2011’s high.  The new V50 category allows teams of 3 so John, Don and Gibby were Westies’ first contenders for the new prize.

Central AC returned to dominance in the men’s and women’s races while Ronhill Cambuslang took Masters and M50 titles and Edinburgh AC won the Women’s Masters.

Helen modelled a pre-production sample of the Westies jacket and Chris took loads of photos of anything that moved so perhaps you’ll see it in there somewhere.  I’ve got my order in already!

Tom and Chris battled for fastest male Westie of the day.  Gregor gave up his crown after an overly-cautious start but still ran just over 15 mins, and a sneezy Niall brought the A team home.  The incomplete B team started with a PB for me by about 1min40s, followed by an even quicker run by Rod who’s made a very welcome return to form, and terminated after a solid Leg 3 run by Ken.

Ken and Don deserve a good kicking for shouting “John Quinn’s right behind you!” at me on Leg 1.  Of course, I took off like a bullet at this news, only to discover after the finish that John was about a minute behind me!  Nasty, tricksy hobbitses!

So that’s the end of the relay season and also the halfway point in the cross-country season and things are looking up for Westies.  With Rod motoring again and quite a few faces yet to make their XC debut this year, there could be some great intra-club competition at Maryhill Park on 24 Nov and at Inverclyde on 8 Dec once the OMM, Ossian, Summer League and SHR champs are all over for another year.

Women’s Vets (43rd)
1. Gaynor Gillespie 20.44
2. Ellie Homewood 18.16
3. Sarah Walker 20.35

Women’s Mixed (58th)
1. Jo McGuire 19.53
Sharon Taylor 24.56
Helen Macpherson 23.33

Men’s A (25th)
1. Tom Smith 14.45
2. Gregor Stewart 15.02
3. Chris Upson 14.50
4. Niall McAlinden 15.03

Men’s B (incomplete)
1. Johnston Orr 15.50
2. Rod Fleming 15.40
3. Ken Macmahon 16.58

Men’s V50 (teams of 3) (6th)
1. John Quinn 17.10
2. Don Reid 17.07
3. Gibson Fleming 19.30

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