Champ Chris Blasts Rivals in Sprint

Another Winter. Another McAndrew. Another Bunch of Old Crocks appearing out the woodwork. Another cry of “How can a 3-mile run round the streets of Jordanhill feel so bad?”

Yes, it was back to normal on Saturday as 12 Westies braved the winds and the humiliation of the young upstarts of Cambuslang at the McAndrew Relays, aka the circuit round Charlie’s hoose.

In time-honoured Westies fashion, almost every member turned out with an armoury of apologia; sore knee(Ana), nail through foot (Muffy), heavy lunch (Blair), sore back (Dave), achilles problems (Hamilton), haven’t raced for over a year (Archie), DIY blister on finger(Nigel). Despite this, we managed to give a decent account of ourselves. Nigel opened with a fast 18:58 on the opening leg for the men’s A team, with Nathan and the on-form Steffen filling in the middle stages. Chris, sending a strong signal that he intends to defend his Winter League title vigourously, stormed through in the last leg with a time 9 seconds faster than Nige.

Blair, Dave, Hamilton and Archie made a fine B team; the sight of Archie striding down towards the finish was especially welcome from a guy whose injury record over the last few years makes the rest of us look like a bunch of hypocondriacatic wimps. Finally, Drew, the extra man, found a composite team and ran the second stage in 25:37.

Muffy and Ana put in solid performances in the first two legs for the women’s team. However the day’s star performance came from Catriona, whose 21:50 in the final stage was quicker than 3 of the men’s B team!

Even Cap’n Charlie got in on the injury act. Having got his stookie off his ankle in the last few days, he’s now complaining about Planta Fasciwhatchamacallit! Anything to avoid racing?

It’s all pointing towards yet another interesting cross-country season…at least from an injury point-of-view.


Men 4 x 3.54miles. 1st Cambuslang 66:50

Westies A, 27th, 77:45; Nigel(18:58), Nathan (20:11), Steffen(19:47), Chris(18:49)

Westies B, 49th, 87:07; Blair(22:06), Dave (20:38), Hamilton (21:59), Archie (22:24)

Drew (25:37)

49 teams finished.

Women 3×3.5miles. 1st City of Glasgow 60:16

Westies, 14th, 71:18; Muffy (24:02), Ana (25:27), Catriona (21:49).

17 teams finished.

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