Like that old joke,”Don’t remember it being this hard 10 years ago”.

 Jokes is it you want? From the guy who was going to do Stand-up for a living…….” When i told them i was going to be a Comedian they laughed”. “They are not laughing now”. Very clever.

 ‘Course one of the best is…….” This guy has lost his dog.He’s bereft, inconsolable. I know i’ll put an ad. in the paper……The ad. reads…..”Here Boy”.  Try telling that in a crowded pub, some will fall about laughing, the rest will look around going eh,what?

Right then,Johnston has just left the building,and he was’nt even singing. No bugs found so let’s try this post yet again.

Arriving at Kirkton Manor it was a wee bit dampish. Translate that to bloody wet and ruddy cold,not to say raw. A bit of a shock after those halcyon sunny hours at Ben Venue the week before. Took one look at the sodden field and elected to stay on tarmac parking. Guys were warming up with full winter kit on; hats,jackets,gloves,etc. So to register and met Elsie(B), local lass, who was chuffed that she was done and dusted,having done her exercise for the day thank you very much……..something about wheels, cogs and pedals. No,it’ll never catch on. She said she had her sausage roll and tea and was looking smug.

Few minutes to go and met up with Graham (K),with a few mates, one of whom had been out in Chamonix in temperatures of what……………26,27 , call it 28,same as T.W. Kent last month 28 degrees . So, we all had to start shouting about Chamonix,on the start line,as we gazed into the murky,dank, forbidding ascent that awaited us. Chamonix, oh you hav’nt just been in Chamonix,what’s that Chamonix, Chamonix,is it.

Well,it’s been a few years since the last visit to Manor Water, really this was a slog from start to finish on a narrow trod that would have tripped you up,so you went to the burnt heather, then back on to a trod, then………… try and get some pace going.

Graham had a fine run,must have had,soon he was off in the distance. Caught up with him in the marquee for tea and rolls as we tried to get warm again. Then it really did pour down yet again. Ah yes, you can have all this and more on our racing circuit.

Now did i tell you the one about……………………Oh best be careful that Dave Calder might be listening…………he only likes the Tommy Cooper jokes.(Could be that all the rest are just crap, shh don’t tell ‘im.


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