Westies Wimmin rule at Kaim! 4 wimmin and 3 men ventured down to North Ayrshire for the first mid-week Kaim hill race. 36 runners in total (apparently a marked improvement on previous numbers despite a clash with Troon Tortoises 10K). Out of 5 female runners, Westies placed 1, 2, 3 and 4!

1st Lady Helen Palmer 38.36

2nd Lady Helen Macpherson 48.55 1st FV

3rd Lady Pat McLaughlin 52.39 1st FV50

4th Lady Rosie Crockard 55.09

5th Lady Jan Emsley (Arran) 55.58

And the men?

1st Alan Smith Deeside 30.29

2nd Dan Whitehead Cosmic 30.33

3rd Andrew McCall Greenock Glenpark 30.49

9th Luke Arnott Westies 33.32

10th Chris Upson Westies 33.38 (not feeling too fresh from his Himalyan adventure)

15th Murdo McLeod Westies 35.47

Due to generous sponsorship, there were prizes for up to 10th male. The women’s team prize was noticeable by its absence. Sod’s law!

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