Sunday evening – chilling out after a very wild day marshalling on Ben Cleuch at Chris’ Run of the Mill race, and the efforts of yesterday’s race seem to be receding, though the legs could feel it walking up the hill. I can definitely recommend the Jedburgh 3 Peaks 38 Mile Trail Race. No need to enter a year in advance and take out a loan for the entry fee – just decide the weather looks fine, enter that same week and roll up in Jedburgh for the 8am start. Also helps to have ex Westie “legend” Damon Rodwell living only a few miles away in his “straw bale house” and giving me his luxury “bothy” to kip in the night before. The race is a bit like an 18 mile trail race over lovely riverside paths, colourful autumnal woods, old Roman Roads, suspension bridges followed by the Eildons Hill race – and then back again! Well organised, including the weather, and lots of company along the way and even a bottle of local beer in the goody bag. As for me I enjoyed a leisurely first couple of hours of gorgeous trail running, slogged up and down the Eildons, enjoying the “rainbow” views despite taking a few detours in the woods, and finished feeling reasonably good for the last 10 miles, despite letting a young Carnethy runner “sprint” past me in the last mile. Well chuffed to do 7h 41m, “only” a couple of hours or so behind the winner. A great “wee (third of a) day out” in our lovely Borders. I definitely recommend you give it a try next year – its part of a whole weekend’s running festival –


Jedburgh Running Festival

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