With a combination of precision timing and a little help from Cat, I managed to complete the Callander Crags Hill race and make my way back through to Glasgow and compete in the Jack Crawford Springburn Cup!

Filled with lactic acid, my legs were like lood (heavy as lead and stiff as wood), and unsurprisingly, I managed to run(?) even slower than the previous week at the Nigel Barge race. Even though I told myself I didn’t care how slow I ran, I found myself in the unusual position of being overtaken by 40-something housewives with headphones and stout business men with extremely red faces… so eventually when a pot-bellied old woman in her sixties tried to hobble past, I decided to stop the rot there and then.

With a renewed spirit I maintained my already lowly position successfully enough, but then a strange thing happened… I started to pick up a few places! With possibly 30 or 40 bodies inbetween Muffy and I at this time (she was nowhere in sight) I began to pick off a few folk and before long Muffy was only half a dozen places ahead… I considered going in for the kill but thought better of it and decided to let Muffy finish before me (ha ha ha!).

Anyway, quite an interesting day! Thoroughly enjoyable too!

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