John Hamer’s strategy of deliberately running slowly at Carnethy just to connive a good handicap worked a treat tonight (and NO, he didn’t bribe me with his lovely gin!). He triumphed in a field of 19 runners and assorted helpers and hangers-on, on a dreich muddy night in the Kilpatricks. Tom Callan was fastest, while Sarah and Alistair took an extended tour of the Kilpatricks and still didn’t find The Slacks trigpoint, though they weren’t alone in that! Afterwards we all enjoyed a fine curry at Masala Twist, a new curry venue for Westies to which I’m sure we’ll return. Thanks to everyone who turned up, raced/helped/spectated – another great wee Westies evening.

John Hamer                 46.20
Arron Sparks              47.31 ( 36.31)
Tom Finch                  48.22 (37.22)
Kerry Cunningham   50.10 (42.10)
Tom Elliotte                50.52 (34.52)
Emma McCahill         51.11 (44.11)
Victoria Reid              51.14 (44.14
Don Reid                     51.37 (34.37)
Louisa Oram              51.39 (50.39)
Andrew Fullwood     51.40 (41.40)
Chris Furse                51.43 (37.43)
Aly MacInnes            51.48 (32.48)
Tom Callan                52.00 ( 29.00)
Niall McAlinden       53.07 (32.07)
Audrey O’Brien        53.39 (50.30)
Ross Anderson         53.46 (41.46)
Rod Fleming            54.06 (45.06)
Sarah Adam/ Alistair Boyer 71.10 (56.10/58.10)

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