I know it’s bit cheeky of me to pass on accounts of my second-claim endeavours, but, if only to counter the persistent rumours of my retiral from semi-competitive running, here it is anyway. Unable to compete with the Westies’ excellent turnout in Kirkintilloch, Forfar only just managed to scrape together a single team (which was more than could be said, however, for Aberdeen Metro, Dundee Hawks etc., as we ended up as the only club from north of the Tay that managed to make it to the Borders). The mist covered slopes of Gala Hill provided the setting for a fine, fairly hilly, but well-short course, which was surprisingly good underfoot given the soaking of the previous day and a half. Despite being slightly overawed by the occasion (not to mention the big city venue), everyone ran well and we ended up in a creditable eighth-place, finishing a comfortable second ahead of Teviotdale, and 3 seconds in front of Gala Harriers. Not bad going for a bunch of tarmac loving road-fairies.


1. City of Edinburgh (45.04)

2. H.B.T. (45.34)

3. City of Edinburgh B (46.23)

8. Forfar RR (49.58)

(30 finished)

Brian Bonnyman 12.17 (12th)

Steve Connor 12.36 (10th)

Craig Stewart 12.44 (8th)

Ian Matheson 12.21 (8th)

Looking forward to the Nationals (where I promise to revert to my golden semmit).

PS Dave, do I get league points deducted for this blatant act of treachery?

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