Another great turnout of 18 Westies last Wednesday with the predicted downpours not really affecting the race. Niall McAlinden was 1st Westie in 3rd position (51.10) just behind James Tullie of Shettleston 2nd and Kenny Richmond of Bella 1st. 1st lady was Julia Connor of Moorfoot. Despite disappearing up to my waist in the bog at the top of the last climb before the Lairs I thoroughly enjoyed my run. A minute slower than last year but less than a minute behind JD. I finally feel as though I am starting to get the hang of this crazy sport, managed not to hit the deck at all on this occassion. Footnote :- My only regret was informing Brian Brennan prior to the race that I was heading to Crete at the end of the month and was intending running a hill behind the resort called Mount Ederi but commonly known (due to 2 large satellite radar dishes side by side which look like ears) as Mickey Mouse Hill. It was like Mannah from heaven to Brian as he launched into a slagfest in which I will now be referred to as the Mickey Mouse hill runner. I will never learn. Thanks to the team of organisers and marshalls and of course Drew.

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