Christmas Dinner

Westies’ socialising started in earnest at the Three Judges bar @ 6pm where Captainess Paula and JD started sampling the fine ales. We were joined shortly by plenty other Westies to get the evening off to a well lubricated start. It was great to catch up with some well kent faces that hadn’t been seen for a while and plenty of familiar ones. It was heartening to see plenty of newbie Westies too, showing the healthy state the club is in. Peter’s Restaurant nearby had been booked out by Fiona, and was taken over by Westies, though there were a few foreigners in who weren’t scared off. Rotating the 3 courses meant that we all got a fair mix of Westies to catch up with. Paula’s speech covered the great year that Westies had had. Prizes were given to John Quinn for the 2011/12 Winter League and Ros Evans for the Summer League. Brenda was rewarded by Paula for her efforts to try and complete the SHR Championship this year and her one-of-a-kind designer mug will be with her soon. Westies National Treasure Chris was rewarded for all his efforts in the Westies’ cause with Honorary Life Membership, and the prizes were rounded off by Westie of the Year to Niall McAlinden. Dave Calder flew in specially from China to award chicken’s feet as prizes for Westies race reports, which he had been enjoying from afar. Jamie pronounced them to be the best thing he had eaten all night, though only seconds he disappeared down to the toilets, never to be seen again. A great big thanks once again to Fiona for all her hard work in organising a great night out.

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