Chapelgill hill has race 2.6km & 410m. I really couldn’t be bothered with this race today. I felt so unfit and I didn’t like my chances that I wouldn’t come last. Also, it didn’t help that it was 0.5 degrees with a wind chill of about -7! It didn’t start great as I tweaked my right calf and rolled my ankle during the warm up or was all that psychosomatic. Going uphill I felt grand and with half my face frozen the incentive was there to go fast. At the top I turned looking forward to the downhill  only to have the breath robbed away from me by the wind which had me gulping like a fish out of water. Running with my head at a 90 degree angle sorted that problem. My downhill was a shamble as my shoes were too loose and pulled left with the slope. It was like trying to run downhill with sandals – stupid new invo8s. I could have rectified the problem but the race was so short that I couldn’t be arsed. Sure the time to sort it would = the faster downhill time. Some fella went passed me that I couldn’t chase. Count yourself lucky Mister that my shoes were falling off! Standing around after the race my body heat plummeted and all chat was shorten as I raced to the car before the onset of hypothermia. No way was I getting out of that car for the prize ceremony which was moved to Broughton cafe anyway as they were awfully faffy with the results which took agessss. But this new tech. that slowed down the prize giving ceremony did mean I had an email with the race results in my inbox before I reached home – it’s the future people!

As I wasn’t last it was enjoyable and a fine race it is too.

Gordon was second v60 and Don was third.

Happy St Patrick’s folks x