A few folks will know that I ran the 2013 Caballo Blanco Ultra Marathon out in Urique Mexico last year (Aye, the one in the book). One of the original Mas Loco a wonderful guy called Luis Escobar organises a weekend festival which includes a series of races on a ranch in Los Olivos, California. I was privlidged to take part this year and it was seriously awesome to meet up with a bunch that can only be described as family …or probably more correctly tribal pals.

I would try to describe the event but reckon the race brief gives a better feel to the event than I could ever muster up. So in the words of Luis …

Be nice. Be respectful. Be responsible – Be cool or go home.

“Amigos, You are registered in the 2014 Born To Run Ultra Marathon Extravaganza. Welcome! This event began back in 2011. It was originally just a group of friends, camping, playing guitars, dancing, running and enjoining each others company behind the locked gates of a private cattle ranch.

This year we expect five hundred and fifty registered runners in addition to their friends and family. You will not find this event advertised in any running publications, you will not find us listed on any race calendar. I refuse to advertise. The event is difficult to find as is the venue. This event is obscure by design. This event may not be for everyone. Not everyone is going to fit in and enjoy the unique environment. It is important to me that everyone who attends arrives with an open mind and an open heart. Looking for a completive atmosphere? Coming to prove your running superiority? Want a big shiny belt buckle to show your friends? How about  a trophy or a fancy medal? If so, you will be going home empty handed and disappointed. On the other hand, are you excited by the idea of sleeping under the stars on a genuine working cattle ranch? Would you like to dance with friends next to a campfire? Want to run on some real dirt with a few hundred likeminded folks from all around the world?

The Born To Run Ultra Marathon is a living, growing, funky, weird, organic, celebration of running free. Please take the time to read the following schedule, rules and messages.

Please arrive prepared to be self sufficient. Arrive humbly. Arrive happy. Arrive ready to see things that have never been seen before and will never be seen again. Be patient. Be open. Be cool. Thanks again for your trust and support. As always, I look forward to running with you very soon.”  Luis Escobar

Born To Run Ultra Marathon Schedule of Event

Thursday, May 15

12:00pm – course marking party

Friday, May 16

10:00am – 4:00pm: runner check in at front gate

10:00am – Archery Run with Tom Norwood

1:00pm – Trail Briefing with Luis Escobar

2:00pm – Tarahumara Bolla Races presented by LUNA Sandal and a benefit for the Raraumri / Tarahumara runners. 

5:00pm – Beer Mile with Patrick Sweeney

6:00pm – Metalachi – live band

Saturday, May 17

5:00am – runner check in at Main Camp

6:00am – START

12:00pm – 10 mile and 50km awards ceremony

2:00pm – Sin Nombre – live band

5:00pm – 100km awards ceremony

6:00pm – Drive In Romeos -live band

Sunday, May 18

12:00pm – course closes

What to bring:

Camp Dues – Please bring an envelope printed with your name and the words CAMP DUES. Include in the envelope $10.00 for every person who enters the ranch property. Campers, non campers, friends, family, children, spectators, people just coming in for a minute, registered runners, non runners…every person who enters the ranch property. No Camp Dues…no entry, no exception.

Waiver – print it, read it, agree to it, sign it, turn it in upon arrival. Every person who enters the ranch property must submit a signed waiver. No Waiver…no entry, no exception. Born To Run Waiver

Cowboy Hat – Bring it, wear it.

Personal Supplies – Water, ice, food, lawn chair and toilet paper.

Firewood –  (optional) Please bring one small bundle of wood to be donated to the main camp fire. There will be no open fires at your personal camps. No BBQs or grills. No open fires of any kind. Camp stoves are OK. Main Camp fire ONLY.

Camp Gear – Bring your own personal camp gear. If you rented a tent from us at registration, your tent will be set up and waiting for you upon arrival. Tent rental includes one 5X7 foot, two man tent. No sleeping bags or pads. Please plan accordingly.

Need To Know

The East Creek Ranch is a working cattle ranch. It is not a park or a campground, it is a ranch. There will be cows and everything that goes with cows. Don’t like cows?…don’t come. Don’t like cow shit?….don’t come. There will be portable toilets and no other amenities. Plan accordingly.  </

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