The Westies bandwagon drew up to the beautiful Meall Nan Tarmachan hill race. The one and only Brian Brennan (not racing) was ushering around an ex-boxing champion and providing running commentary at the summit. George Douglas was there to dominate the field and flaunt his spectacular beard. Tom Alexander (brother) had been dragged out to have a second attempt at the hill running world. Sam Alexander (myself) had turned up to complete the Westies racing trio.


The race itself couldn’t have chosen a better day, not a cloud above or a breath of wind. Approx 60 runners started, Brian Brennan in his bum hugging lycra was already stationed on the summit (he mildly insulted passing runners and will have to improve for the FRAs). The race started with a runnable climb to the summit, a technical section along the ridge, an unpleasant descent off the back and then a tortuous 2 mile land rover track to the finish. I managed to hold the lead until the finish, George looked strong and well placed, Brian Brennan completed his jog and then Tom did not materialise.


Tom’s absence caused increased anxiety and then the Killin mountain rescue passed saying there was an injured runner. The injured runner was Tom who required stretchered off the hill, unfortunately no helicopter. At this point I would like to thank the hard and professional work of the Killin mountain rescue team. Once off the hill Tom crossed the finish line (in a car) about an hour after the last runner; meaning that the Alexander brothers book ended the Meall Nan Tarmachan race.


We had a quick soup in Killin, finding Mr Brennan had run off with the prizes.. probably consumed already J The next stop was the hospital to find out that Tom had broken his fibula and would require a cast and crutches. In all, a very eventful day and an enjoyable well organised and supported race.


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