Ben Sheann

January’s Sandyford “Special Chop” and the children’s decision to bring the 100 Day Cough home in March had ensure limited training in the first half of the year. So underprepared, but with the firm conviction that next time it will be quarantine first and comforting second, I found myself nervously waiting at the Ben Sheann start line.

With 400m of climb in about 2km this is quite a steep course on paper with the route immediately leaving the glen and making an almost straight line though the forest and up the hill. I climbed about as well as my limited training would suggest, slowing near the top which allowed Murdo to pass me as we left the forest.

I’m not competitive by nature, but the sight of a 70-year-old bounding past me had a rallying effect and, after he initially pulled away, I managed to catch him a little on the final approach to the top.

It was now that I made a decision that I’m not proud of. Figuring that Murdo would know a good line off the top but that I’d have better pace on the lower slopes I tucked in behind him and let him worry about the route down before drafting past him once we hit the firmer forest tracks. My only consolation is that there are some in the club who may have given him a little shove on the way past. I’ll probably never stoop so low.

Notable Westies performances on the night included Murdo (1st MV70) and Scott H (2nd MV40) although at present the race website credits 2nd MV40 Lisa Blackley so perhaps Scott will need to return his generous prize.

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