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In the next in our series of Westies Profile (designed to highlight the diversity of Westies), meet Ella Foreman (she/her), current Women’s Team captain, ex-roadie, mountain biker, hill runner and lover of olives.
How and when did you get into hill running?
I used to be a roadie/triathlete when I lived in Newcastle which is the perfect city for flat running, cycling, and swimming. I have been road running since I was 16 and did the Great North Run when I was 17. I got into longer distances straight away as I loved escaping from reality. This led me down the road of training for longer and longer events such as marathons, ironmans and trail ultras.
Fortunately, for the sake of my bank account, I met some keen bean hill runners in my Newcastle road club and they introduced me to the world of mountain rounds such as the Bob Graham and I was instantly hooked as I found a new challenge. So, when I was 20, I moved to the Lake District and joined Eden Hill runners and began my hill running addiction; completing a number of popular and made up rounds in the lake district. After only 6 months I moved to Aberdeenshire to be closer to bigger and new hills. There I joined Deeside Runners and was introduced to Scottish hill racing. My first ever hill race was Glamaig, which is only 6 km long and was a shock to the system!
When and why did you join the Westies?
I left Aberdeenshire and moved to Milngavie in April 2022 and joined Westies straight away as I had noticed lots of women in yellow vests at hill races. It took me a while to feel like I belonged in Glasgow and the Westies as I have never lived in a big city and always been in smaller clubs. But after about 6 months and taking part in the Hodgson Brother Mountain Relay, which was my first weekend Westie trip I felt like I belonged.
What do you love about being in the club?
There are so many like-minded hill oriented people. Lots of people care about racing but equally care about long days out, seeing a sunrise/sunset or a good view, plogging, protecting our Scottish hills, finding snow or a good hill route, eating good food and going to the pub!
What activities do you take part in (hill reps, club runs, socials, races, marshalling, committee,
weekends away…) and what do you enjoy about them?
I take part in most of our Wednesday social runs as a run leader so say hello if we have not met yet! I am in the committee as the women’s captain which I have really enjoyed so far and taking part in the women’s sub-group. I try to go on most of the weekends away as these are very fun and great ways to meet lots of Westies. There are loads of weekends away to choose from and always in great locations in Scotland. A lot of weekends away are for popular races such as Scottish champs race – if anyone wants to know more about weekends away let me know!
Do you have a favourite race or route?
Race: Jura – Everyone camps on the island for the weekend and any Westie can marshall as it’s one of our races. I hope I get a place every year but if I don’t I would also love to marshall.
Route: I can’t pick one so I have three; Scolty hill in Aberdeenshire, Blencathra in Cumbria and Dumbrock Loch on the outskirts of Glasgow.
Overall my favourite bit of Scotland is the Cairngorms because of the trees and rivers – especially around Linn of Dee.
Fun fact about you:
I also love mountain biking; I am a mountain bike coach for Glasgow Riderz, enjoy taking part in mountain bike enduros and do at least one off-road cycle tour a year. Quite a few women in the club are getting into mountain biking and I try to organise rides and I am keen for more people to join.
Favourite (hill running) snack?
Ella Foreman (She/Her)
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