Two men’s teams and 1 and 2/3 women’s teams made their way to Kilmarnock for the West District XC relays. The women were off first with Ellie and Claire running leg 1. Ellie ran very, finishing in the top 10. Claire also ran well on the tough hilly muddy course, and finished with a huge smile on her face, only her 2nd ever XC and first relay. Gaynor and Sarah ran the 2nd legs, both with very respectable times on the very tough course. Gaynor in particular maintaining the high placing that Ellie had set up. The anchor leg was run by “Pat” who finished things off well leaving the women in 22nd position overall.

Myself and John Q started things off for the men’s team. I got boxed in on the first bend and lost a lot of places but thankfully found a nice path on the right down the first straight and made them up again. I worked very hard through the first forest section and then it was full speed down the hill. The zig-zag uphill after was very tough and I could see the leaders were pulling away. I worked very hard to hold my position. Then it was back through a section of forest and into the home straight. I was in a good sprint battle and managed to hand on for 12th. The guy I was battling and I have a history after finishing joint first in a triathlon 2 months ago so this victory was particularly sweet.

John Q had a great run himself and kept the westies Bs well up the field. On leg 2 Chris had a stormer and brought the As up to 11th, while Johnston left it all out on the course with a excellent time. Leg 3 saw more good work from Iain for the As, passing rivals Garscube early and bringing taking the team to 10th. While Ken on the Bs ran a great race taking them to 8th place of 2nd/3rd teams. For the finial leg Gregor put in an excellent time on the now very cut up course to help westies to what must be one of the highest finishes in the west districts relays, 9th. While gibby took home the Bs in style finishing in 32nd but 11th of the 2nd/3rd teams…

Great results all round, here’s hoping for more great running at the nationals.


Photos of Women’s Leg 1

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