Well before we get the Cap’n Christopher blow by blow account on the Pall Mall, I thought I’d ‘sprint’ in with something more Local – yes, about 35 thousand may have been pounding the National Capital, but almost three thou’ of bodies were doing another wee small race.

Ok, you’ll get the 5K part from the title no problem, but you can be forgiven for thinking that the NG was a certain Singaporean businessman who had just committed Coitus Interruptus, and withdrew from the Rangers bidding process. Nope, in this instance, NG stands for North Glasgow, and nothing with an Oriental or Latin flavour.

Picked up a Flyer a few months ago at the,, and since it said Fun run, no timing, no cost, but just a good day out, I fancied it, and especially because the Theme was "Magic" – it would be Pure Magic if I actually done it!

Roped in Maw, Paw, and Sis June, who brings along the family dog, our own wee Staffie , Stella, for the day. No worries, as plenty of other dogs, and after the MC calls forward the "Serious" runners, then the middle of the packers, I start at the Coo’s tail with the Grannies, Prams, and Baby Bugs – Great, a few yummy mums for me to concentrate on…

To cut a short story even shorter, basically One big Loop/Lap/Circumnavigation (on the roads) of Ruchill Park. When the big Brass Band piped up at the half way mark, wee Stella almost ripped my arm off, but we meandered through the folk/Wizards/Witches/Goblins/Trolls… well just Weegies actually!

Seriously, for those of you who ain’t doing the London Snickers next year, then this is a great wee option. A Party/Carnival atmosphere that’s Free, a nice variety of gradients on the course for a 5k, the people of Ruchill, Maryhill, Possil, are the salt of the …

Okay, you get the point…


Ps Old habits die hard, so I brought my Stopwatch – 55m 49s – Ouch!
A PW by about 36 mins, but let’s look on the bright side – wee Stella set a PB, and the woman at the finishing line, hung a medal round her neck, so she’s the coolest looking Blinged up Staffie in NG !

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