Earth League

Aim: Increase awareness and promote positive actions around environmental issues as a club and as individuals

Background: Hill runners have large carbon footprints. Transport, clothing and footwear being the biggies. We all have a responsibility to reduce our impact on planet earth. As frequent users of the outdoors we must do what we can to preserve nature and set an example to others.

Rules: Points are awarded to contestants for a variety of different earthly actions. The list is not extensive and has been compiled to facilitate ease of point giving and to target the key areas where members can think more about their actions around reducing their carbon footprint.

The key categories are; transportation, reducing single-use waste and conscious actions. Below is a list of the break down of points within these categories.

Points are awarded for summer and winter league events only. Particularly special actions can be reviewed on an individual basis.

– Full journey – 10 points.
– Partial journey 5 points plus points for other mode of transport.
Public Transport
– Full journey – 8 points.
– Partial journey – 4 points.
Westie Bus
– Full journey – 6 points.
– Partial journey – 3 points.
Car Share

– Full journey  – 2 points.
– Partial journey – 1 points.
– Full journey – 0 points.
– with passenger(s) – 1 point.
Other Points
“Notable earthly actions for consideration” will be awarded at Ella’s discretion.