Dumyat Gullies Grudge Match

7 of us took up the Ochils/HBT challenge at Dumyat on Sun. Duncan and Owen cycled over to warm up and Dave Calder made a welcome and rare appearance at a hill race. JD no.2 appeared on his mountain bike to cheer us on.For a change we were running from Blairlogie instead of the usual race route from Stirling Uni. A short trail section at the start got us warmed up, and saw me marooned at the rear, before we headed up a cracking steep gully on narrow trods to the summit. Back down the tourist route for a bit then off left to rejoin the steep gully for a hair raising descent. I managed to slide past a couple of Trotters to avoid finishing last, while Owen was leading the Westies and Sarah was sole Westies Woman. It was a great wee afternoon’s fun and exploration.Thanks to Ochils for the invite.

1st   Murray Strain HBT   26m 45s

8th   Owen O’Neill     31m 20s

9th   Don Reid          32m 26s

11th Jamie Provan     33m 09s

12th Duncan Riddell   34m 09s

14th Dave Calder       35m 10s

16th Sarah Adam        36m 21s

18th John Donnelly    39m 24s



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