Curry Night honoured by Royal Presence

The monthly Westies curry outing to Persia on Great Western Road was honoured by a late guest appearance by the Professorial Princess Muffy. Usual avoiding late night curries and depriving us of her regal company, rumour has it there was free cheese and wine at the Uni so we were graced with her presence, which was just as well as Dave was proving that hitting the big Five O hadn’t dampened his partying. His lamb stew had so overwhelmed him that he was dancing round the restaurant with the last of the nan breads. The food was indeed great and a dozen or so Westies enjoyed themselves, even our German ambassador Steffen, reeling from Germany’s exit from the World Cup. Roderick Fleming (and Gibby and Sheila) paid us a visit, home from new Zealand for a few weeks. The curry league saw no change at the top, but a fair bit of movement (ooh arr missus!) down below. See you all at the next one.

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