Return to Organised Sport and
Activities Booking


Welcome back!

As Scotland makes a return to organised sport for all, we are delighted to welcome our members back to club activities! However, in order to best safeguard our members and the community we have to make some important changes to normal operation. We hope you have all been well and are really excited to see you back on the hills.

– Westerlands CCC Trustees and Committee


Rules and safeguards

COVID Return to Sport Pictograms

  • If you have to self-isolate for any reason: due to symptoms, if awaiting test results, travel, or close contact with similar people; then you can not attend the events If you have severe underlying health conditions, you should consider the increased risk from attending these events.
  • Please remember to wash your hands often and thoroughly (for 20+ seconds) including before and after an event. You should bring your own hand sanitiser to events and remember that alcohol-based hand sanitiser is flammable and care should be taken if storing in direct sunlight. Take care when opening gates and going over styles – only one person should hold a gate open for the whole group where possible.
  • Maintain physical distancing of 2 metres with others. Restrictions on physical distancing within organised sport have been lifted, but a 2 metres side-to-side distance and 5 metres front-and-behind distance is recommended where practicable. Please maintain a 2 metre distance before and after each activity. Remember fist-bumps, handshakes, hugs and high-fives should be all saved up for after the pandemic!
  • Please keep up-to-date with announcements about guidelines for travel, group size, symptoms and sport – they are subject to rapid change. Events may be cancelled at short notice – please check your email regularly.
  • Cover your mouth when sneezing or coughing (e.g. from hayfever). If you need to spit while running, please stop and step off the track to do so.
  • Please respect members of the public – they may not understand the rules concerning organised sport and what is allowed – physical distancing of 2 metres must be maintained when passing others. Our events are arranged at quiet evening times and we have deliberately selected events at some of the quieter locations.
  • We will operate a booking system to manage numbers and to facilitate track-and-trace. You data will be held until 21 days after the event and may be shared with 3rd parties for public health purposes.
  • Scottish Athletics recommends a 15 person group size (8 in tier 4) for organised sport – please note that this number is individual people and not households or bubbles.
  • Club runs: Unfortunately, in Level 4 restrictions club training runs are not permitted.
  • Reps and training: We are scheduling small group Wednesday night reps in the West End and South Side.
  • Virtual and other activities: We will continue to provide virtual activities and training. Remember to respect the household limit for all activities that are not organised directly by the club booking system.


Use the calendar to register. Each participant must register separately.

Selected route details can be found on the Westies Routes page.