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Ben Rinnes

28th July 2012 Results With a couple of Corbetts still to do in the area around Ben Rinnes …it seemed appropriate to make the fairly long drive north. Broke it up with a visit to a pal who was on holiday in Aviemore for a beer before the last wee bit to Dufftown itself. For

Night of Adventure

Couple of months ago, full time adventurer Alastair Humphreys put out a request for folks with interesting stories and bit of personality to speak at a talk over in Edinburgh entitled a "Night of Adventure". Alastair ran the Marathon des Sables the same year as me and I felt I knew someone that fitted the

Ayr Turkey Trot 10k

5k results | 10k results Was still a bit sleepy from working another twelve hour nightshift on xmass eve but decided a windy run was exactly what was needed to get things back in balance. Drove down to the annual Ayr Turkey Trot and noticed how mild it was getting out the van …and also

Dollar Hill Race 2011

With the offer of a conditional release from Saturday Dad duty (my 13 year old wanted to hang out with her pals but also wanted a lift home at some future point whenever suits her), I took the opportunity to dive up to the Ochils for the 2nd time in a week. Driving up to

High Peak Marathon

Is it better to write about an event whilst the legs and body are still in pain and things are fresh or wait a bit and reflect? Not sure but I do know the legs and body are still suffering a bit from Friday night / Saturday morning running the High Peak Marathon along with

Deerstalker 10k (and a bit)

The Deerstalker 10k is not your normal race – for a start it is not 10km long! I did the first Deerstalker event along with Drew a good few years ago but for one reason or another it took until this year for a return visit. The route is based on the trails (and rivers)

Merrick Hill Race 2010

The opportunity for running a race that I had never done and to finish off a section of Corbetts was a good one ! Why some events are over subscribed and some fantastic routes are more low key will always escape me but I lined up with another 33 runners in improving conditions. Alisdair Duke

North Face 100km

Sometime last November, I got an email from my old pal Des (who I ran a fair bit of the 2008 Marathon des Sables with) asking if any Tent 82 folks fancied running the North Face 100km race in the Blue Mountains to the west of Sydney Australia – it seemed a shame not to

Highland Fling Ultra 2010

As I tried to locate the source of the noise which was telling me it was time to get up, it dawned on me …ignore it and sleep in. It would give me the perfect excuse for missing the start of the 2010 Highland Fling Ultra. Sadly, by the time I found my phone I