Westies Southside Six Pub Run: Saturday 12 January 2019

The 5th addition of the Westies SS6 pub run took place today and another great day was had by all.

12 folk managed out; 5 folk having to call off due to either the winter bug that is hitting most folk or due to the call of family.

Of those that made the 16 mile run (or for most due to the deviation to the pubs 19 or 20 miles), the results of the days event are as follows:

The team that was first, fastest and the nearest to 4pm at the flagpole was; Kerry, Ally and Katie. they set off at 12:15 from the Clockhouse at 12:15 and arrived at the flagpole at 16:00 – an overall time of 3:45. Fabulous, well done.

The team that visited the most pubs on route (this fact is in dispute – does sipping from a hip flask count)? was Alex and Michelle. They left the Clockhouse at 11;45 and arrived at the flagpole at 16:31 – an overall time of 4:46.

The team who made the most of the day and where 2nd to reach the flagpole in optimum time were; John D, Don, Victoria, Dave D, John H, and Helen. Shona did a grand job of completing 9 miles before heading home. This team left the Clocjhouse at 11:36 and arrived at the flagpole at 16:26 in an overall time of 5:50

Well done everyone. looking forward to this event next year already.


Sharon x

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