Westies Profile- Gaby

How and when did you get into hill running?

I got into hill running in 2020. I was training for my Mountain Leader qualification between lockdowns and realised I could double up a navigation practice in the Campsies with a run (navigating all the way up and then running all the way down).


When and why did you join the Westies?

I joined the Westies in June 2021 after hearing about the club from Beardie. I wasn’t sure I’d be fast enough but I went along to a club run on a route I was familiar with (you can find some Westies routes here) and was able to keep up, just.  I didn’t go along to anything else that summer but quietly followed club goings-on via the WhatsApp chat. In the autumn I started going to club runs more frequently and the following spring I signed up to my first race (Kaim). Gradually I got to know other club members, mainly through car sharing to runs and races, and joining a weekend away.


What do you love about being in the club?

I love going to the races with the club, especially the weekends away. There’s more time to catch up with people, and to spend a lot of time running in hills and exploring new places. And it’s so lovely being cheered by fellow Westies on the hill or at the finish line. I never thought clubs were for me, but the Westies have converted me.


What activities do you take part in (hill reps, club runs, socials, races, weekends away…) and what do you enjoy about them?

During the winter I aim to go to hill reps and club runs at least once a month. In the summer, I go to some races on Wednesday evenings and at the weekends.

Last summer I also run a few navigation sessions for a small group of Westies. And I’ve been involved in some of the Women’s Sub-Group meetings and have also recently joined the Committee.

What’s your favourite route or race?

I don’t have a favourite route, but I became very fond of the Campsies during lockdown as they were some of the few hills I could access, and I love running to Dumgoyne and Earl’s Seat from Blanefield along the “pipe track”; it’s a good mix of trails and hill paths without having to go too far from home (accessible by bus too!).

Gaby (she/her)

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