Westies Profile- Holly

Photo of Holly standing with her back to the camera and holding her baby daughter. They're on a hill with mountains in the background.
In the next in our series of Westies Profile (designed to highlight the diversity of Westies), meet Holly (she/her).
How and when did you get into hill running?
I got into trail running whilst on a long cycle trip. I had done a bit of road running before but always found it a slog but I loved running off road so that I could explore new places and be in nature. I got into hill running when I moved to Glasgow and finally realised you didn’t have to run up the hills if you didn’t want to but could just enjoy being out in the hills and running down them like a big kid!
When and why did you join the Westies?
I joined Westies about 5 years ago. I didn’t think you could join a running club unless you were really fast but my partner had joined and convinced me that wasn’t the case and that there were loads of abilities and everyone wasn’t total running bores and very friendly! I haven’t looked back since although I have been a very sporadic member due to covid, having a baby and other life commitments!
What do you love about being in the club?
Everyone is a bit mad and up for adventures! Plus it is a very welcoming and a very good ratio of men to women (about 50:50).
What activities do you take part in (hill reps, club runs, socials, races, marshalling, committee,
weekends away…) and what do you enjoy about them?
Occasional club runs, occasional races, occasional weekends away! They are all great. Wednesday club runs for getting out and muddy in the hills mid week, races for the adrenaline and the sandwiches and cake after, and the weekends away as you really get to know other Westies and explore some beautiful Scottish hills!
Do you have a favourite race or route?
I just love being outside and exploring new places/hills so any new day out is my favourite and if it involves a cheeky dip at the end then that is a bonus.
What are you doing when you’re not running?
Hanging out with my mad toddler Joss and partner Joe, jumping in some cold water, eating some nice food with my pals, working at Women on Wheels (getting more women cycling) and trying to explore as much as possible.
Fun fact about you:
Every time my toddler runs down the street she shouts Go Westies!
Favourite (hill running) snack?
Peanut butter and banana pitta.
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