Irvine Moor
5th December 2009

Results: women | men

Photos: women’s race | men’s race

Westerlands fielded full teams in both the women’s and men’s races today, on a course which was far less muddy than last week at Maryhill, but unfavourably flat for some of the Westies team.

Danielle Brown of Springburn won the ladies’ race by 1 second from Nicola Hood of VPCoG. Captainess Ellie led her team home, followed once again by the duelling Pauline and Helen, separated by mere seconds. Elizabeth pronounced it "harder than Portugal", shocked by the unfamiliarly short course. Pat completed the ladies’ line up for the second week in succession.

The men’s race was controlled from the start by the Shettleston Eritreans, who maintained what appeared to me to be a sprint from start to finish, with 2 of them finishing together. A few familiar faces followed them (among them Chris Mackay, Kenny Richmond, Matt Williamson), before the Westies men were led home by Dave the Snake. Owen was our next man home, having briefly challenged Dave during the race, but finishing happy after a recent spell on the sidelines with injuries. I was told that I managed a decent sprint finish, although this 50-metre blast might indicate a lack of application in the preceding 6 miles. Dave Calder survived my early attempt to trip him and shadowed me throughout the 3 laps, and was in turn trailed closely by Don Reid who has, rather worryingly, contracted Chris’s goat flu, and had turned up only to give his support! The latter 3 all competed healthily with Stevie Bell, who was suffering a "wardrobe malfunction" in that he was wearing a Helensburgh vest, and lost out again to his erstwhile team-mates.

John Quinn left the scenery unmolested during his outing this week, finishing undamaged. GrimOrr’s unique style graced Irvine Moor too, completing the men’s line-up for us.

Many thanks to all the Westies who supported each other’s runs. After cheering the women’s team home, someone remarked to us that we had the most vocal support, and I’d like to thank the ladies team and Chris (on photographic assignment again) for their encouragement during the men’s race. Another great day out with the team!

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