Chris, Ellie, Owen, Dave and myself made it through to Edinburgh for the penultimate race in this years bog and burn series.

On the drive from work the weather looked to be taking a turn for the better, however true to form the heavens opened as I was driving into the car park with the result that I was completely soaked before I’d even managed to register.

Not having ran this race before I was a little uncertain where the start was so I decided to follow a suitably active looking fellow who was jogging past wearing fell shoes. After around 15 mins of running – complete with a partial ascent of Turnhouse hill – I realised that my opportunistic guide wasn’t in fact running the race. That’ll teach me not to ask.

Anyway, back to the race… All in all a very enjoyable route, with the whole course runnable bar the final summit. I was feeling a lot better that the previous week so was generally quite pleased with my result, although I was irritatingly Duncaned in the final 500m. Owen went off like a scolded cat only to be slowly reeled in by the wily campaigner Upson. Ellie had in her words ‘a bit of a mare’, and spent ten mins following the finish of the race chastising herself for being beaten by ‘old people’.

The only downside of the whole evening was having to drive home and therefore not being able to partake of a couple of refreshing pints at the Flotterstone Inn. I’ll cadge a lift next year.

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