Traprain Law Hill Race, 13.6.09

Ah yes, the annual sojourn to the Eastern edge of the world.

So with 12 minutes to the off, 10 mins. away from the Park, 2 mins for registration, chatting to all, and warm up.

Ample time, I say ample time Enid..

If you have not ventured to Memorial Park, East Linton, this is really a trail race,rather than a hill race.In fact, it has it all; a road start, onto the towpath(get yourself incontention),river crossing, sramble up Law, skite down, towpath, road back dodging the Gala Promenaders-to elevate proceedings.

Apparently there had been a gargantuan downpour just before the start-did’nt see any of it. This was just to make the surface slippy enough for a few near misses on the way down off the Law. But we are not there yet.

So, with it feeling damn hot at the start line, must have been all of a heady 15 degrees(this is hot), after the initial tussles-excuse me missus, on the towpath……cooling down with the river crossing ( Don Reid style…..Dave & I were subjected to his brand of "the river dissnae exist" style of running thro’ 50 river crossing on our Skye Extavaganza ). Must say it works! Made up 5 places. Then lost 10. No,no.

Then you drag yourself up the slippery slope,water everywhere.Well at least round your ankles. Then thro’ the fields before the climb and it’s Mr. Yellow Pants, yes, Davie D coming at you imperceptibly, grinding away apparently effortlessly.

But what of the essential hill, or volcanic dome as they say( tempting us with the prospect of Treasure…..Roman Silver under the Law). It’s all over in a blur. Good little scramle up the side of the fence with a sudden shout of Westies, have to at least try now. It was Jane doing her marshalling just at the point that you’re struggling the most.

So that’s the hill done, skite down, then very flat paths, after another short road section, back to the towpath, over the river with the help of a bridge this time,then on and on. Up ahead the familiar figure of Dave R. (No don’t be utterly,utterly, utterly stupid, not the snake, the other D.R.) Was that just a tad over the top?

50 metres ,and this is narrow paths all overgrown on either side. 30 metres and closing. Plus, there’s someone behind but not making an effort to pass.

10 metres, but a move from behind, time to grind. Grinding a lot from the path, and now we’re up the rise, and on the main street, people ambling about.

"Thank you, Thank you" seems to work when the mother & pram are going to completely up-end you. But this guy behind is not finished yet – he wants some more (where that came from). Battling now-or was it grinding? Full tilt down the last …..before the 90 degree turn. Anyone there and it will all end in tears. Then the cruel little sting in the tail, the last incline and he still wants more, well he got more, the Grinder ground it out you will be pleased to know, (if you’re still there?).

After showering,yes,showers, we retired to the marquee for tea and selections of cake.

Another grand day out.




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