Until Monday evening, there was some doubt whether the Tour of Clydeside 2007 would be a series or a Monday night only race. There were few entries and a commitment to big prizes would make the series unviable. However, following a mini revolt by the runners and their suggestion of dispensing with prizes, it was decided the show would go on. Tuesday night was Hill Race night organised by Westies. A few extra bods signed up on the night so a total of 25 runners set off on the 1.6 mile push up the road towards Loch Humphrey from the Gas Works. The uphill-only race meant that the runners legs should not be like putty for the remaining races. Bobby Quinn of Kilbarchan repeated his win of the previous evening with a time of exactly 13 minutes. Other results are with the series organisers and should be available soon.

The new technology in the form of the walkie-talkies did not perform quite as admirably as it had done at Ben Lomond. A combination of landscape and sharing channels with the local youth caused loss of communication. Mobile phones to the rescue; the sound of Stuart Irvine blasting a whistle for the start of the race was relayed up the hill by phone to the timekeepers. Thanks to the them – Christine, Charlie and Fiona (Main) – and to Karen (Main) for marshalling the route.

It’s a good wee series; worth supporting. Think about it for the future.

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