Tilli 10k 2019

The second year running of this perfectly-formed 10k and the word is clearly out – evidenced by the stacked field in attendance.

I’d woken up on Saturday morning in Aberdeen with a bit of a cold which I resolved to ignore and maintain a PMA through a combination of lemsip, purposefully upbeat conversation on the drive down and Radio 1’s ‘decade of bangers’ programming. By the time I was on the start line I’d almost convinced myself I was in PB shape.

The start was a furious affair as everyone wanted to get to the sharp right-hand turn before the next man. I soon settled into a lonely position between the first & second groups of the race. My first road race for 10 months – always a shock at how hard this is.

I was overtaken by eventual first lady Annabel Simpson about 4.5km – not too worried about that, she’s out my league – but a quick glance behind me revealed a Popular Radio Personality hot on my heels – now that gave me a fright. I put a bit of distance between us, but the PRP caught me 5.5km and we began to trade places – he was probably going to pass me but I was f*cked if he was getting my place for ‘owt. After about 1500M of back & forth he eventually got the better of me – we’ll see you at Stirling buddy.

I crossed the line utterly spent in a disappointing time – I didn’t speak to anyone and sulked off for a warm-down jog. Half an hour and a macaroni pie later I’d perked up a bit – I’d raced well, but was let down my immune system on the day.

As ever I heartily recommend the Tilli 10k to all – a cracking wee race.

  1. Jamie Crowe (Central) 29:18

19. Annabel Simpson (Fife AC) 34:56

20. James Callender 35:02

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