Exciting stuff as 29 Westies, 10 volunteers, 1 dog and 10,000 midges gathered for the first Club Race of the Summer League.

James Bowden (1st overall) won the coveted prize of 1 x Yellow Melon and 1 x book JD’s pal was trying to get rid of, setting a blistering pace leaving Will Beresford (2nd) and Chris Butler (3rd) in his wake. Ella Peters won a pineapple for her rapid 6th overall and 1st female placing, with Anna Blake and Kirsty Milton-Moir making up the medal table for the Westie Wimmin. Spirited performances from newcomers Clodagh Mangan and Andrew Strachan who each took fourth place in their category.

Of course, it’s not just about the race on the night, the summer league is a long game. This year we’re awarding points for both racing yourself and racing other people. For our Club Races, points are awarded based on how much you beat your handicap by. Tonight, top points went to Kirsty Milton-Moir, Ian Collins and Clodagh Mangan.

Shout-outs also due to Norrie the Dog and Dan (Nixon) the Man, the only creatures able to navigate a finish funnel without faff. Bring back parkrun.

Yellow vests bobbing along the skyline, yellow flags waving in the wind, itchy red bumps all over my body – it’s good to be back.

Position First Name Surname Time Prizes
1 James Bowden 47:01:00 1st overall
2 Will Beresford 48:40:00 2nd overall
3 Chris Butler 49:16:00 3rd overall
4 Andrew Strachan 50:55:00
5 Ian Collins 52:34:00
6 Ella Peters 53:34:00 1st female
7 Ben Forrest 53:42:00
8 Marc Roper 53:55:00
9 Ossian Butler 54:37:00
10 Hugh Macgregor 55:30:00
11 Paul Foster 57:49:00
12 Chris Furse 59:13:00
13 Anna Blake 59:18:00 2nd female
14 Daniel Nixon 60:41:00
15 Andrew Mott 61:24:00
16 Kirsty Milton-Moir 63:33:00 3rd female & handicap winner
17 Christopher McKiddie 64:04:00
18 Clodagh Mangan 65:32:00
19 Rod Fleming 67:04:00
20 Jenny Peebles 68:22:00
21 Andrew Szolowski 68:24:00
22 Andrew Fullwood 69:26:00
23 David Dickson 78:16:00
24 Gillian Irvine 80:03:00
25 Bex Beveridge 80:03:00
26 Helen Macpherson 80:14:00
27 Eileen Hamill 86:41:00
28 Libby Paterson 86:41:00
29 Melissa Williams 88:14:00


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