A sixteen mile tour of the southside’s parks sounded like a good idea in the midst of marathon training way back in February when entries opened and quickly closed. Come Sunday the sun was shining and the views from the start line were of snowy peaks and golden leaves. The first mile or so was mostly downhill. Still feeling good. An hour or so later the picture was less rosy. A stiff breeze (the mystical headwind from all directions) and the lack of long training runs started to take hold, and a good few places were quickly surrendered.

So it was a race of two halves. Kings Park, Linn Park, Rouken Glen: good. Pollok Park, Bellahouston, Queens Park: grind. The finish is brutal; uphill and involving steps. After that all I can remember is great soup and baking, and a fire-bellied toad. And there must have been as many marshals as runners. Hats off to them. Top event. Rhona Bennie was the other Westie in the South. 

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