It’s only 85 miles from the northernmost tip of Skye at Rubha Hunish to Point of Sleat in the south, surely a piece of cake for a tough club like Westerlands. Well oops, we forgot about the weather. What an epic! When you hear that the first leg runners couldn’t find the start (admittedly it was a wee bit dark, or so I hear, I was snoring away at the time), and Chris says he is still traumatised from 2.5 hours of hypothermia on Trotternish ridge, then you get an idea of the day. Myself, I thoroughly enjoyed fording 14 crotch high rivers – and that was on my easy leg,. We abandoned the idea of finishing the whole route at the end of leg 7, whence we retired for real cake, other sustenance, a rousing round of the animal game, and Colin’s geetar. Any thought of finishing off the remaining route the next morning was banished by the howling gale. Katy managed the only run that day – but on the tarmac on the road to Portree.

So we didn’t finish, who cares. We had a brilliant weekend and everyone got a run. Some of us still have our fingers and toes. Many thanks to Chris for brilliant organisation, especially personalised maps. What a star.

Thanks to all the cooks too!

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