Not the million dollar day of yesterday but although there was cloud around and some rain in the air it turned out to be great running conditions! The ground was firm with next to no mud and there was a nice tail wind pushing you out along the south ridge. And once turned heading back along the north ridge the wind didn’t hamper progress at all, other than when the rainy squall came through about 2 hours in.


Murray Strain (HBT) won the race taking around 5 minutes off the course record (and then headed off to Livingston for the East District XC). I was someway behind Murray but took a similar margin off my PB. Not quite sure how it happened but you sometimes just have one of those days where you are cruising along, well in control but with no more speed in the legs. And a few hours in you are delighted to find out you are actually ticking along quite quickly. Upon realising that a sub-3 hour run was on I pegged it off Caerketton, probably quicker than I would in the downhill only race, picking up 2 places on the final decent to secure a sub 3 hour finish.


Stanley was a few minutes in front of me, with Chris, Gregor and Luke coming in shortly afterwards. We nipped back to the car to get on some warm, dry clothes so missed Steffen, Graham and JD finishing. But were back at the finish to cheer in Jamie, John and Alisdair. Everyone appeared to have strong runs and had big Westies grins on their faces – fantastic day out as always!


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