Baby Bea makes debut at Glasgow Park Run

There was a big turn out of Westies at Saturday’s park run – all to witness Bea’s challenge to be first westie woman home. So impressive was the turnout, we are even mentioned in the official park run report. The torrential downpour and strategically placed water jumps (ie swims) on the course did not detour a champion turn out of runners Captain Chris, Captainette Ellie, Ana, Johannes and Bea, Hamilton, Fiona and daughter in law Gill, and your correspondent. John H was left holding baby Malcolm.

Ellie was second woman home and *more importantly* first westie wummin home, beating BB by a good 22 seconds (and BB’s father by 22.00000001 seconds). Sorry Bea, but this is where boasting gets you. I notice that Chris (4th) achieved a whopping 81% of his age category (second in the trying stakes was yours truly with 74%, now I know what to aim for).

Highlight of post run reveleries was guest appearance by none other than our own Drew. Yeah! All retired to the cafe for tea, scones and the usual erudite, light hearted banter.

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