[A belated report from Joe Waite.]

Start line, nice top, very bright, crisp sky, red cloud, jog and chat, missed a turn, back on track, kilt runner, tap the top, slip, slide, Where’s everyone? Hills shadow, easy track, Mike’s Garmin, bleep, split, HR, jeezo, absorbed, boring brain, battery warning, thank god, breathe and step, glide, Tillicoultry, friendly, water, dodgy lid, climb, step, what a view, maddy Moss, feet in the clouds, go slow, reign it in, look, listen, no flag, which way, return a bit, friendly Bella, river cross, fence, quite fun this bit, top out, cruise down, gazelle, light, effortless, face plant, road bit, hello walkers, containers, reservoir, dodgy antics, fish, climb, red squirell! Switchback, meander, smile, top out, down down down, hold back, breath, animated stewards, laugh and be mothered, third bit, up and at’em, cramp, water, hot hot sun, dunk snood, cold ears, Bliss, cashew, partridge, crane, checkpoint, lonely hour, slip, slide, down, folk are great! Water filled, cheese pastie, loose and alive, wrong turn, haunted house, trudge back, left not right, no signs, where is everyone? Anyway, on we go, windmill, whisk and turn, whistling, pheasant shoot, burberry, tartan, flat caps, over fence, follow the arrow, Where’s the sign, sure it’s fine, this is fun, down, dip, river, motorway? Jeezo, no signs, lost lost lost, young farmers, quads and wellies, overtaken, red shorts, crisps, 11miles, missed time, prioritise, chat, move, together, shuffle, Hill? Right but Perth’s left, industry, road, ache, spasm, olive, dream, last bit, stay together, lamp post, next, end in sight, shuffle, finish, done, irn bru.

1) Rowan Boswood (Carnethy) 07:22:08
8) Joe Waite 09:20:01

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