Saturday 2nd May was the one sunny day of a wet week. Just as well, because the big Clydesdale horses and beefy locals were churning up the field where the annual "Neilston Show" is held something terrible – and that was the start and finish of the Pad race. Neilston Show is worth the visit on its own account – a mixture of Gala day, car boot sale, and display of anything remotely farm-related from tractors to "Chelsea tractors", green wellies, exotic pets (including a gekko in a Tupperware box) etc.

To the race, then, which played out on gender lines (ie blokes first – no Paula Radcliffe types to upset the natural order of things! JUST JOKING – oops!). Thus after some 4.5 miles of farm trails and hilly terrain, I found myself almost last bloke. Haven’t got my time, but guess about 44 minutes.

Results: Men 1st S. Fleming (Kilbarchan) 29m38; Women 1st C. Henry 44m18. I think the men’s winner was almost the only runner in a club vest!

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