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My 6th 10k in 6 weeks.  I was fairly sure I could run faster than any of the Polaroids, but ran out of steam slightly towards the end, and ended up running exactly the same time as  Clydebank with 36:42.

My only plan had been to stay ahead of Paul Carroll until 3km, and then to track him for as long as possible.  Paul passed me at exactly 3km, and then I tracked him until the climb after Cadder. I should maybe have worked slightly harder on the climb to close the gap, but once on the main road Alan Blair came steaming past looking in good shape after his marathon training, and Alan, Paul and Donald Cameron all pulled away leaving me nobody to chase for the final 10 minutes back along the canal.

I was waiting for footsteps to catch me, but none arrived, so held position over the last 3km.

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