The Devils Beeftub is not one I have done before and at only 2 miles in length certainly not my preferred distance. However, with the sad news of John Blair-Fish’s death earlier in the week I felt it was appropriate to have a bash at a race route he designed.


Boy it’s a tough one! You start holding onto the fence then head straight into a hands and feet climb out of the valley. I followed Owen’s suggestion / experiment of hanging a little left – it was a little longer but a slightly less steep and cleaner route to the top. Not sure it offered any advantage and we were soon knee deep in bog making our way round the rim of the Devils Beeftub and around 15 minutes later careering down the hillside back to the start/finish.


It’s a crazy wee race and well worth the hours drive for the 2 mile run.


Owen lead the Westies home, with new member Steve hot on his heels. Alistair and I followed shortly after and were soon enjoying sitting in the field watching the rest of the field negotiate the decent.


(A few photos from Alan Gebbie.)

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