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I ran this race on Sunday.

And so did Chris. Steven didn’t want to get his feet wet so he brought his pedals instead.

The course involved a lap of flat playing fields (with the odd obstacle to navigate), a stretch of tarmac (no cycling allowed), two laps of Irvine moor (with plenty ups, downs, ins and outs) and a final glory lap of the playing fields. The start was a crowded affair with cyclists and runners jostling for position on the start line, neither tribe sure how the other was going to behave. Not wanting to be boxed in or run over, I shot off quickly and enjoyed the lead for about 5s before being overtaken by Steven and a dozen other cyclists with screams of ‘To your right!’/’To your left!’. I put up some token resistance against the other runners, but very soon found myself well behind three others. Steven powered ahead and had established a healthy lead by half way through the first lap and Chris was the next runner after me.

The contest of man vs. machine was well-balanced. Dexterity and acceleration meant it was relatively easy to get the better of cyclists on the wee trails and the bike was a real hindrance on the tarmac and steep hills. Out on the flat wheels (clever invention those) and mechanical leverage gave the cyclists enough of an edge to make up lost ground.

Wary of a potential Upson-onslaught I put on a bit of a push for the final lap of the fields, though it was too little too late to challenge for a runner podium-position. I crossed the line almost bang on 30 minutes in 9th place, Chris was next runner in 11th place. Steven crushed the competition for a convincing victory.

A fine day out in sunny Irvine.

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