It’s the race that I didn’t run that I think about the most.


Should I have followed those guys when they made a break? Maybe I could’ve picked up the ‘final effort’ pace a little bit earlier? I was surely being too conservative for the first few miles?


I decided I wanted a ‘no doubt’ morning at Inskip on Sunday. All opportunities would be pursued. All openings would be taken. If things went wrong that’s fine; but there would be no wondering if they would’ve gone right.


The start was the confusing – where was the line, what did the organiser peeping his horn twice mean – but after some confused dithering someone shouted ‘Go!’ and we were off.


I stayed with the first two for the first 2.5miles just to absolutely make sure that a victory wasn’t on the cards before slowing down to a relatively comfortable 4th place.


A group of six caught me about mile 7 and I decided to stay with them for the rest of the race – at a ‘maybe’ pace. There was a breakaway of three at mile 10, I tried to go with them but couldn’t hack it, falling back with two Preston Harriers. At 12.25 miles Rob Affleck made a move to see about 3rd, I tried to go with him but immediately felt a stitch-stab so decided against it. I made a bit of an effort for the last half-mile, was all I was up for really, and made it home in 6th and a PB.


Inskip Half-Marathon is class – flat, picturesque course, low-key but effective organisation, a free hat & delicious hot-pot for all competitors and general good vibes, to be recommended. Many thanks to Alex and Andy from Preston Harriers for giving me a lift to and from.


1)    David Rigby (Salford Harriers) 72.08

6)   James Callender 74:22

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