Gary gallops through gale to seize first place in the in-the-dark-handicap last night. An aptly named event as most of us were well and truly handicapped by howling winds, lashing rain, and a wall of sheer mud. So what is new?

Gary was first in (clearly his handicap was way too low, didn’t try hard enough at the weekend), swiftly followed by Drew and Helen, Blair, Muffy, Pat then Archie (or was it Archie then Pat?), and Ian.

Actual times were a bit difficult to decipher (pencil + rain = mess) but I think that they are:

G. Tompsett 28.25

B. Millen 31.44

D. Turnbull 36.35

M. Calder 36.48

H. McPherson (winnner of the Gibson F. memorial whisky prize) 36.50

A. Cameron 37.36

P. McLaughlin 39.53

I. Struthers 41.04

Gillian took the low level route and so didn’t count.

Thanks very much to time keepers Isabel and Charlie, and supporter Margaret. It was a vile night to be hanging about a bus depot. Your efforts are appreciated.

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