The In The Dark handicap seemed brighter than normal this year. Perhaps it was because Cap’n Chris had relented on his ‘no torches’ policy, perhaps it was the twinkling stars in the clear wintery sky, perhaps the snow scattered lightly across the hill or maybe it was the huge red flashing light Ellie had planted on top of the bunker! Did any planes go oddly off course on Wednesday I wonder?!

A short sharp blast up from Clachan of Campsie, on upwards to the snowy hill and then, on reaching the illuminated bunker, a plummet down the hill side, onto the road and then down down down Crow Road until suddenly you have to put some effort in and run on the flat from Lennoxtown back to the start.

A great fun handicap race and well done to all prize winners (…and the best thing is that everyone won, even wee Olly!!)

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