So why would’nt you get up at 4.30 of a Saturday morning for another Struthers Expedition?

Ian, Sally,Morag,and your scrbe set off at 5.30 for the early crossing to Brodick and it was going to be ONE of those days in the hills.

Yes, scorchio,or something similar as we boarded the bus to Sannox (NE) for the stsrt to the walk.Sannox,Glen Sannox, Castle Ridge,Cir Mhor, Beinn Tarsuinn, Glen Rosa………..Simples. No, no it’s Semple……… that is an old one. That warrants a Yellow card.

Now a fair old pull up the first ascent and Semple is demanding lunch – after all it’s after 9.30 and the bacon roll on the ferry (great at the time) seems to have been burnt off. A withering response i thought, huh. Would we last the pace on this long,long,day in the scorchio heat in them there hills?

Well, truth be told we soon forced into making a major decision of the day. One of our party had taken ill suddenly.It happens. So, after making it to the first top, it was OPTIONS. Do we all go on,do we try to cut it short, do some go on a shorter walk, do we forget the whole thing??????????????

After a few minutes,Ian & I were encouraged to go on, while Morag & Sally retreated for multiple cups of tea etc. in Sannox,to meet up at The Ormidale Hotel for drinks.Soon we were getting into our strides,albeit with silly hats firmly planted on the old napper,and sunscreen having been applied.The ridge looked an inviting propect from say two miles away.The first part it’s like two massive front teeth have been prised apart (the Witch’sLeap). We went up the gully after the first climb and looked back on what we would have been descending.Dear reader it was an All Mothers & Fathers of a descent. A sheer vertical drop with massive granite slabs. Could you possibly get down that without……without what? An escalator? It honestly looked positively suicidal. Our excuse – we were behind time now,if we were to get that last ferry back. Yes, we’re sticking to that, and we had "promises to keep". That is the aforementioned drinks in The Ormidale where if you were running round then no problem, but if you are walking, the early ferry gives you that extra time to soak up the Arran sun(on this occasion).

And so it transpired that the so-called "gang of four" met up in a very convivial garden in the Hotel grounds circa 6.00 as predicted to the minute by Ian.The man has a virtual computer for a brain,"I tell you". Also, the Arran Blonde went down most appreciately,if we are allowed to say that?

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