Whilst the masses travelled hundreds of miles north in pursuit of a new mug, Peter and I pottered down to Pollok Park for the weekly Parkrun.

There was no obvious competition on the start line, so I thought I stood a chance of clocking the 2 Westie win in 2 weeks, after Niall’s astonishing 16:39 last Saturday, to become the first Westie to go under 17 minutes.

I knew that my only chance of going sub 17 was to start fast and then speed up.

I was away first at the start, and held the lead for around 2 km before finally getting past by 2 youngsters I’d never seen before. I hung on and pulled back a place on the 2nd lap before hitting the wall of joggers at around 4 km. This blocked my view of the guy in front, who beat me by 8 seconds.

I ran 17:20, so still a bit of work needed to get under 17 minutes. Peter Grassl finally dipped under 20 minutes with a PB of 19:56.

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