They say that Glamaig is “one of the toughest races in Scottish hill-running” ! 

I’m not sure that is true but it has a great history, a steep up and a silly fun scree filled descent before the bog trot back across to the finish line back at the Slig.

If Friday evening ended with good weather, Saturday started as it meant to continue …pishing doon but thankfully without much in the way of wind. Myself and Katie arrived shortly before registration and admired the showers of rain come and go. George rambled across the car park so nipped out and had a quick catch up, registered and returned to the comfort of the van. Eventually got race ready and headed over to the start where Don arrived with about 20 minutes to spare.

Under starters orders and we were off. As you might expect Fin Wild from Lochaber set a pace nobody could match and quickly disappeared up the hill. I settled down into a “sustainable” pace and focused on not falling back down the hill. Round the summit (Finlay was already back at the finish by this point) and off to find that elusive best line down the scree. More than ever, folks seemed to be going further left …and further right than usual. A few whoops and the odd F@CKSAKE soon saw me down on the grassy slopes with Don just off to my left. The bog was wet …very wet and it felt like every second step was knee deep …or deeper.

Onto the road and one last push before hearing a shout of “beardy” from Katie indicating the finish line was close.

A wash in the stream, beers and a wee dance followed !

Special shout out to George for doing the good deed and walking off the hill with another runner who had split her knee open.

Slightly comic footnote was being requested to move my van in the campsite for being “too close” to the adjacent van – looking at the gap between us, I thought the individual making the request was actually joking but he was clearly distressed. Did briefly think about a suitable response but decided that he had bigger personal issues than my van so politely moved another few metres away. Was still wondering what the real issue was until I saw the shade of his vest sitting on the ground …not saying anything more than it was not a shade of brown (whose owner would have been more likely to offer a beer) …och well, some folks are strange !

For anyone who hasn’t ran it …head up and make a weekend of it next year #brawtimes !


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