A notable performance by a raggedy bunch of misfits. Our hearts were in our mouths at the prizegiving, when the organizer declared that certain infringements were being penalized… but it turned out that the impersonation of well-known Westies by South Walians and Easties had gone undetected, and it was only Chris and Doug’s short-cut that was being frowned upon (but to be fair they were only following the teams in front, as you should on the navigational leg). And we so nearly beat Carnethy, Adam Ward just nicking it back from a 5 minute deficit on the last leg.

Thanks to Doug (aka Damon, but without the bowel problems or speed), Kit (aka Ronnie, and only slightly better-looking), and Willie (even their mothers couldn’t tell them apart, as Drew) for helping us out in our time of need when our named runners “couldn’t make it at the last minute”.

I’ll let Mannie and Chris take up the tale if they want…but I thought it was a great weekend, great courses, an amazing result, and good to see some seriously fast runners in action.

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